Garden 2020

Sunday, 1 Mar 2020

We have ordered a reasonable quantity of a reasonable variety of seeds: Asparagus (2), beans (2), Brussels sprouts, carrots, corn (2), cucumber, peas (2), peppers (6), pumpkin, soybean, squash (under duress), tomato (4). I wasn't sure we were going to make it. I'm still not sure we're going to have time to do it.

Wednesday, 11 Dec 2019

A little overnight snow highlights both the furrows and how far away spring is.
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Tuesday, 26 Nov 2019

I had a couple of gallons of RoundUp left from 10 Nov 2019, so I resprayed Plot 1 and Plot 2, then cleaned out the sprayer and put it in the barn for the winter.

Sunday, 10 Nov 2019

Today was tilling day.
The frozen pepper plants went to compost.
Plot 1 and Plot 2 are tilled.
Plot 1 has been treated with RoundUp.
Husky didn't want to start today, even with Eliza's encouragement and technical skills.
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With the Mantis pinch-hitting, we still tilled. A thorough spraying with RoundUp will (hopefully) help in 2020.
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Plot 2 is too close to the trees. Leaves, leaves, leaves…
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Sunday, 3 Nov 2019

The garlic has sprouted in both beds.
A freeze last night meant the end of the peppers.
Spraying and tilling has slipped a week - I'm aiming for 11/9/19.
The hose bib warmer is plugged in and the heater is running in the barn.
The barn water supply will be shut down on 11/15/19.
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Saturday, 26 Oct 2019

We didn't have much time today but we were able to pull all of the tomato cages and clear the tomato plants.
The peppers will stay until the first frost.
If tomorrow's weather permits then I'll RoundUp the entire bed one more time.
One or two of the garlics were disturbed by critters - I don't have any chicken wire to protect them (yet).
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Saturday, 20 Oct 2019

Planted all of the garlic. We're going to need more ways to preserve it.
Cleared Bed 2A, added two bags of raised bed soil and one bag of peat moss.
Started clearing the raised beds in Bed 2.
Harvested 7.25 pounds of tomatoes but deferred clearing the bed.
Removed all of the path stones from Bed 1 in preparation for tilling.
Trimmed the grape vines back to start.
Cut down the zebra grass.

Kodi keeps an eye on the farmer

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Lotsa Garlic

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Elephant garlic w/o a mat

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Bed 3 (should have seen it before!)

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Bed 3 - Garlic Overflow

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Wednesday, 16 Oct 2019

Note to self: Order this.
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Monday, 14 Oct 2019

Removed the divider in the garlic bed.
Added 3 bags of raised bed soil and most of a bag of peat moss.
Tilled thoroughly.
Laid garden mats, power-stapled to the 4x4s and landscape-stapled on the east side.
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