How to do touch-and-goes at KIAD when flying VFR

I found myself off of KFDK headed for KJYO with some free time on my hands and a mounted GoPro, so I set up for a touch-and-go at KIAD under VFR. Here's the transcript of the ATC communications - it's easy, and I hope it encourages you to do it yourself! (I'm not a CFI (yet) so this is not instruction…)
Look on the chart for the Approach frequency. Here's the VFR sectional chart around MRB:
Me:Potomac Approach, Cirrus 123AB, with request.
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, Potomac Approach, Dulles altimeter 29.95, how can I help you?
Me: 29.95; Cirrus 123AB is about 5 miles east of MRB, we'd like to see if you can coordinate a touch-and-go with Dulles Tower.
ATC: After the touch and go are you looking to go back to Martinsburg?
Me: No sir, after the touch and go we'll return to Leesburg, JYO.
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, squawk 0453.
Me: 0453
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, radar contact 3 miles east of Martinsburg VOR, fly heading 150, vectors for Dulles, and maintain VFR at 3000 for now.
Me: Fly 150, maintain VFR at 3000, Cirrus 123AB.
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, advise information Juliet at Dulles.
[ Dulles ATIS 134.85 ]
ATIS: Washington Dulles International Airport ATIS Information Juliet, 1952Z, Wind 150 at 13 gusting 21, visibility 10, few clouds 4000, etc
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, climb VFR to 3500 for traffic
Me: Climbing 3500 for traffic, and we have Juliet, 123AB.
ATC: Thank you. Keep the heading and what runway were you looking for? Any runway is available.
Me: We'd like to do 19L, 123AB.
ATC: Expect 19L.
Me: [ptt]
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, traffic 3 o'clock, 5 miles, eastbound at 3000, a Baron.
Me: 123AB looking.
Me: Potomac Approach, Cirrus 123AB, no contact, looks like that traffic passed below and behind us.
ATC: Roger, I'll keep you at 3500 just a little longer.
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ATC: Cirrus 123AB, VFR altitude at your discretion, advise Dulles in site.
Me: VFR altitude my discretion, we have Dulles in site, 123AB.
ATC: Roger
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, make straight in for runway 19L, contact Dulles Tower 120.1. G'day.
Me: Straight in for 19L, Dulles Tower on 120.1, Cirrus 123AB.
Me: Dulles Tower, Cirrus 123AB, visual for 19L.
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, Dulles Tower, good afternoon, the wind is 150 at 14 gusting to 20, make straight in runway 19L, report a 5 mile final.
Me: Straight in runway 19L, report a 5 mile final, 123AB.
ATC: Cirrus 123AB, do you have an preferences for runway and are you full stop or touch and go?
[ Should have done a full stop, taxi back! ]
Me: Just touch and go, runway is whatever works for you.
ATC: OK, for now stay straight in for 19L, I may move you around depending, I have just a little inbound, a Delta and a United, I may move you around but for now plan for 19L.
Me: We'll plan 19L, we're flexible, thanks.
ATC: 123AB, traffic passing off your left wing about 4 miles northbound at 3000, should be no factor, he's going to cross behind you and off your right side for runway 19C, say intentions after the touch and go.
Me: We have the traffic in site and after the touch and go we'd like to head back to Leesburg, JYO.
ATC: Roger, 123AB, runway 19L, cleared for the option.
Me: Runway 19L, cleared for the option, 123AB.
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ATC: 123AB, on the go, turn right heading 300 and maintain VFR at or below 2500.
Me: On the go turn right heading 300 and maintain VFR at or below 2500, 123AB.
Me: Dulles Tower, Cirrus 123AB on the go, turning right head 300 at or below 2500.
ATC: [ ptt ]
ATC: 123AB, when able turn direct Leesburg.
Me: Direct Leesburg, 123AB.
ATC: 123AB, there does appear to be traffic in the pattern at Leesburg as well as additional inbound aircraft. There is no observed traffic the Dulles class bravo in your direction of flight. Contact Leesburg Tower.
Me: Over to Leesburg Tower, thanks so much, 123AB.
Me: Leesburg Tower, Cirrus 123AB, 5 miles south, inbound for full stop.
ATC: Cirrus 123AB make right traffic for 17, report 4 miles out.
Me: Right traffic for 17, report 4 miles out, 123AB.
And so on and so on.
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