February 2017

The Farm, 2017 Edition, begins!

On Sunday, and on schedule, we sowed the "long lead time" seeds - onions, leeks, and eggplants, as well as those for which we want early production - PEPPERS! They're all under grow lights that turn on at sunrise and off at sunset, with the Nest thermostat set to heat to 78 starting at 9 AM and to turn off at 5 PM. We go (roughly) by the Old Farmer's Almanac dates - the Frost Calculator says April 11th is the 50% last frost date, but we usually wait until the first Sunday in May. We also schedule the sowing based on the planting dates calculator.


Winter Weekend Cooking



A Wemo switch, a Nest thermostat, a little IFTTT, and we have our own microclimate for germinating vegetables.

Breakfast 20170225

Too pretty NOT to take a picture!


Beautiful Soil

With temps in the 70s, it was a great day to run the lawn equipment and till the garden. The Garden Mat is covering the already-sowed peas.



Planespotting is better when it's like this:

KIAD 152052Z 30022G29KT 10SM SCT050 06/M08 A2955 RMK AO2 PK WND 30037/1953 SLP009 T00611083 51031

United Flight 804 from Narita arrives IAD, 7072 miles, 13h01m.


It pays to check shipping costs!

200 germination pots from Territorial, plus *$25* shipping, would be $104.85, or $0.52 each.
296 germination pots from Growers Supply, plus $9.95 shipping, is $119.47, or $0.40 each.

Garlic Sprouting

We went down to pick some rosemary for a roasted chicken, and were happy to see our purple garlic sprouting!