Pest Control

Of course, you realize...

The vermin have returned!

Even though I buried 1/4” hardware cloth 18” BELOW GRADE, the voles are back.

Protecting the sweet potatoes (and everything else) means we need a 4-pronged approach:

  1. Coyote Urine - dispensers hung on 4’ T-posts in each corner, while trying VERY hard not to inhale
  2. Vibrator Sticks - 2 sonic vibrators buried on the forest side of the garden
  3. Sticky pads - 2 traps placed under the foliage on the runs from the hole to the tomatoes
  4. Tasty Pellets - a few teaspoons down the hole, and along the edges of the garden

Funny, we haven’t seen our usual horde of deer this morning, either.